ysl scarf | Saint Laurent (2014)

ysl scarf

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Saint Laurent is the stuff of style legends. The Parisian fashion house created the Le Smoking tuxedo back in 1966 and they've retained that unmistakable mix of sharp tailoring and sensuality since. Iconic mini clothes, smooth accessories and the best biker jackets round make up this tantalising edit.

For the occasion of the grand retailer opening, buyers will get an opportunity to meet the YSL Magnificence International makeup artists and regional magnificence influencers Maya Ahmad and Reem Alsanea, who will take budding makeup artists, professionals, and beauty enthusiasts by among the greatest makeup ideas and sweetness methods throughout a 3-hour masterclass.

This year's Coachella will see Yves Saint Laurent establishing a cosmetics pop-up retailer on the road to the festival. Żołnierze mieli najczęściej między sixteen a 22 lat. W tym gangu nie otrzymywali wynagrodzenia zależnego od sprzedaży, lecz mieli stałe wynagrodzenia (choć zależne od "stanowiska"). Wynosiły od 140$ do 470$ miesięcznie, przy około 20 godzinach pracy tygodniowo.

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