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what does ysl mean

Taking inspiration from the cow, which is revered amongst Hindus as a supply of food and emblem of life, Gau Jal's key ingredient is cow urine blended with medicinal and ayurvedic herbs as well as gooseberries and aloe vera Apparently the urine is barely collected from female virgin cows , preferably before dawn. Om Prakash, head of the division creating this new drink , says that Gau Jal is non-carbonated, free of poisons, cheaper than foreign mushy drinks and carries a fantastic style with no urine scent.

Czasami czytam wpisy moich facebookowych znajomych, w których piszą Kościele, czy też tym, jak bardzo tego Kościoła nienawidzą. "Czarna mafia", "Kler", "Pedofile", "Bandyci" - zło wcielone, normalnie. Organizacją, która pierze ludziom mózgi. Co więcej - Jak wierzysz, to od razu oznacza, że jesteś "członkiem mafii", sama zaś wiara w cokolwiek oznacza z automatu wiarę we wszystko, co mówi Kościół.

Iman or Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, she was recruited by an American photographer in 1975, which she moved to New York to begin her modeling career in 1976. Iman did a lot of work for Vogue and she recalls her expertise as a house model for Yves Saint Laurent's African Queen couture assortment as probably the most memorable second of her modeling career. Iman modeled via a lot of the 70's and some eighty's. She is a excessive vogue model that is stunning lady which is amazingly talented.

The unisex luggage are additionally very modern this year. The British Edson Raup has thought of recycling the masculine baggage he had purchased from the second-hand shops and to create some unisex luggage featuring numerous pockets. These luggage are pretty costly and they're extraordinarily in style with young people who wish to be modern, too. If you wish to welcome the spring, you possibly can select a bag which has floral prints on it. All stylists offer all kinds of fashions for all tastes and for all occasions. These bags might be small or huge, they can be romantic or not, they'll have prints or equipment, they are often sporty or elegant and so they can have daisies, roses or lilacs on them.

The luggage are heirlooms-in-ready, handed down by way of generations, managing to stay as stylishly related as the day they have been created. Should you're on the lookout for a prized possession to wear in your arm, we encourage you to shop Neiman Marcus for all your Saint Laurent acquisitions.